Many families in Bangladesh face unreliable healthcare. Neither public nor private providers meet the demand for affordable, quality health services. As a result, those that can afford it turn to outbound medical tourism, while those that cannot have no choice but to rely on unreliable local services. These conditions create a need for facilities that provide both care and training that meet international standards.

In response, the Prime Bank Foundation with funding from the FMO, the Dutch Development Bank, engaged Alinea Capital to deliver a Bankable Feasibility Study for a teaching hospital in Dhaka. Alinea is assessing the commercial and social impact viability of the proposed USD 150M international standard teaching hospital, designed to address the demand for domestic healthcare services combined with training for health professionals.

For this project, Alinea convened a consortium of healthcare, development and project financing expertise including the International Hospitals Group, Cox Architecture and BlueMount Capital.

With the potential to deliver strong financial returns for investors, this project also supports several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by providing opportunities for healthcare, education, employment and economic growth and therefore directly aligns with Alinea Capital’s mission.

About Alinea Capital

Alinea Capital represents and manages Alinea’s impact investment operations worldwide. Impact investment refers to blending public and private finance to provide goods and services in equitable and sustainable ways. Alinea Capital aims to inspire and empower investors to put capital into socially impactful investments that deliver strong financial returns, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more here.