Ukrainian parents have long dreamed of quality education for their children, having recognized the vital role it plays in a bright future. Funded by Global Affairs Canada, the Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance Program, SURGe, is proud to have worked with the State Service of Education Quality of Ukraine (SSEQ) to develop the second edition of the “Alphabet for School Principals” – a collection of tips designed to support school principals in building a quality assurance program designed to be used internally within schools.

When the Law on General Secondary Education was adopted with amendments, the SSEQ and SURGe saw an opportunity to update the Alphabet. It was an important moment to ensure that principals were provided with guidance, reflecting the new reality of distance and blended learning, was more inclusive and ensured the best education for all students, as well as reflecting the learning from recent school audits. This was an opportunity to revise guidance and support principals as they worked to implement best practices for quality education across Ukraine.

An internal education quality assurance system was created to respond to the unique nature of individual schools. The results were tailored to recent school audits that were completed by the SSEQ. These audits reviewed schools against an agreed set of criteria that focused on building an educational environment that is conducive to learning and welcoming to young people. They focused on meeting the learning needs of each student, including those with special learning needs.

The head of the SSEQ, Ruslan Hurak, noted that the audits not only highlighted how unique each school is, but that finding common goals and principles was at the heart of a child’s right to a quality education.

“The Alphabet for school principals actualizes these common values and principles,” Hurak said. “It provides opportunities to look for different means and approaches in building quality schools.”

Ukrainian principals can find simple and effective tools in the Alphabet to determine:

● The most effective components of their school environment and where they can improve;
● The most effective teaching practices and ideas for improvements;
● Best practice in academic assessment and ideas to make assessment more effective; and
● Management processes at the school that can contribute to a child-friendly and effective school that ensures all children in Ukraine receive a quality education.

The Alphabet was created as a way to help school principals to develop a strategy and action plan towards a school that improves education for the future leaders of Ukraine. SURGe is proud to have played a part in building this tool, a tool that supports principals as they work to provide an education of the highest quality and one that is effective for all young people in Ukraine.