As part of the Global Affairs Canada-funded Building Extractive Sector Governance in Colombia (COMUNICA) Project, Alinea has been working with the National Mining Agency of Colombia to identify the needs required to modernize their mining management system. The project team launched an International Request for Proposals in late 2017 and in March, Pacific Geo Tech Systems (Vancouver, BC) was awarded the contract.

The new system, which is expected to be functional in 18 months,  will facilitate the identification of mineral resources. Through this virtual platform, it will be possible to manage requests for mining titles, online payments, monitoring and compliance of exploration and production. It will also include geographic information and statistics which will help promote sound decision making by Colombian authorities, transparency of information, encourage foreign investment and provide legal security.

This new system will make accurate and timely information regarding land decisions available to all; in particular, women and indigenous groups will be empowered to access and use this information.