This month, Alinea’s “Strengthening Education Management at the District Level (FORTA)” project will come to a close. The CAD 14.5M project in Honduras began in 2013, working in seven departments (116 municipalities) with the objective of enhancing pedagogical and management capacities of the Municipal Directorates of Education to strengthen their support to schools.

Project activities concluded in December 2018, with the graduation ceremony for the second cohort of Municipal Directors that attended FORTA’s training program. Through the training program, staff from the Ministry of Education were empowered to replicate the training program via ‘face-to-face’ training as well as via the newly designed and implemented e-learning platform. The training program will be scaled up to other departments within Honduras, ensuring its sustainability and strengthening municipal capacities across the country.

FORTA also supported the creation of a ‘Commission for Gender Equality Approach on Education,’ which will ensure the mainstreaming of gender equality in pedagogical materials, programs and educational policies and will contribute to improving the quality of education for boys and girls across Honduras.

Alinea would like to thank Global Affairs Canada for their continued support and funding of the FORTA project.