In Mongolia, nearly 60,000 people work in the mining and extractive industry. Women make up less than 15 per cent of this total, according to a Gender Impact Assessment completed in 2018 by the Mongolian government, with support from SESMIM.

Funded by Global Affairs Canada, SESMIM works with the Mongolian government on harnessing and sharing natural resource revenues with its citizens while ensuring a fair return to companies and enhancing environmental protections. SESMIM refers to the Strengthening Extractive Sector Management in Mongolia project.

As part of this work, SESMIM works closely with the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry on gender issues. In November 2017, SESMIM co-hosted the country’s first multi-stakeholder workshop focused on gender in the extractive sector. The Gender Impact Assessment followed and found the number of men in Mongolia mining tripled while the number of women increased 1.1 times over the last decade. Results also showed it was more common for women to work in the informal artisanal mining sector rather than for licensed companies.

These findings helped inform the development of the first Gender Policy for the Extractive Sector and Action Plan in Mongolia – fully endorsed by the government in 2019.

SESMIM ensured this important policy development made a difference on a daily level. The project supported the Ministry on turning the policy into action that directly impacts how women work in mining, the training and opportunities available to them, and the sector’s broader impacts on human rights, the environment and society.

Throughout this initiative, SESMIM convened a variety of stakeholders ranging from national ministries and agencies to women’s organizations and environmental groups.

In January 2019, the Mongolian Prime Minister recognized the Ministry with the “Best Gender Sub-council” award.

More than 90 per cent of projects implemented by Alinea provide opportunities for women’s empowerment. Alinea joins the world in marking Gender Equality Week and thanks all those who contribute to this important work.