As part of a recent visit to Ukraine from July 19-23 (2018), the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau (Minister of International Development) visited with representatives and partners of the Police Training Assistance Project (PTAP), which is a $6.5 million development project implemented  by Agriteam Canada. PTAP Project Director Tom Monastyrski provided an overview of the efforts made to date in police training reforms in Ukraine and how Canada’s support, both through PTAP and the Canadian Policing Mission in Ukraine (CPMU), have established the foundation for professional development for men and women police officers. Representing the CPMU, RCMP Contingent Commander Bruce Kirkpatrick also took part in the meeting and shared the results of their work in Ukraine and the important collaboration between the two initiatives funded by the Canadian government.

The “whole of government” approach takes into account previous development efforts (such as the Ukraine Juvenile Justice Reform Project, also managed by Agriteam), integrates the advisory/training service and experience of existing and retired police officers, and enables linkages to other donor funded initiatives. The combined efforts of PTAP and CPMU, which represent a unique approach to address a unique challenge, is one which combines both transactional and transformational support to the new police in Ukraine as it moves from a mobilization phase to an institutionalization phase, and seeks to create a sustainable platform for scenario-based, problem solving learning. Canada’s overall effort, combined with work of other donors, has helped to build public trust between law enforcement and citizens, built a modern and professional police service that is competency-driven and expands the integration of women in policing services. Significantly, members of the Ukrainian Association of Women in Law Enforcement (which was established with the support of PTAP) were also in attendance at the meeting with the Canadian delegation. They shared both the progress and their day-to-day challenges as women officers in a new police service and how the recently created association will help Ukrainian law enforcement agencies attract and maintain more women to a career in policing.

Madame Bibeau was accompanied during her visit by the Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, Mr. Roman Waschuk and the Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada, Mr. Andriy Shevchenko, as well as MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj and a team of senior representatives from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC).