Good Will Hunters Autumn Series

The latest season of Australia’s leading aid and development podcast, Good Will Hunters, is now live. The Autumn Series, in partnership with Alinea Whitelum, convenes global thinkers for their insights and ideas on what it will take to create the NGO of the future.

Save the Children Australia CEO Paul Ronalds co-hosts this series with Rachel Mason Nunn, Senior Manager at Equity Economics. In this series, high-profile names in Australian aid and development join Ronalds and Mason Nunn to take listeners through the existential challenges facing NGOs and consider opportunities for NGOs to deepen their impact.

Rachel Mason Nunn, Host & Founder, Good Will Hunters



“NGOs, both domestically and internationally, are undoubtedly facing a set of unprecedented challenges and disruptions. Ultimately, this transformation of the sector is a good thing. But as we navigate it, we need help, guidance and insights from the experts,” said Mason Nunn, who launched the Good Will Hunters podcast in 2018. “I hope this series is a beacon of light for NGOs and functions as a basis for exploring new pathways in advocacy, digital, fundraising, innovation and more.”


Alinea Whitelum is Alinea International’s development consultancy service in Australia and is proud to partner with the Good Will Hunters podcast team on the new season.


“The decline of INGOs will impact the entire sector and a future path needs to be forged to shore up their relevance and continued voice,” said Dr. Whitelum, Director and CEO, as well as Founder, of Alinea Whitelum.

In the first episode, Anabel Cruz, Founder and Director of the Communication and Development Institute of Uruguay, and Andrew Leigh, Member of Parliament in Australia and Shadow Assistant Minister for Treasury and Charities, discuss how NGOs can continue to advocate in an increasingly antagonistic political environment.

The evolution of NGO business models is the focus of the second episode, where Jo Barraket, Director of the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University, and Audette Exel, Founder of the Adara Group, provide expert insights on this topic.

The third episode covers the future of NGO fundraising with Leonie Valentine, Managing Director for Google Melbourne and Government, and Sarah Davies, CEO of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

With the fourth episode just released, the Good Will Hunters Autumn Series continues over the coming weeks. To listen to the podcast, subscribe through your usual podcast app or visit