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Breaking the boom-and-bust cycle in Colombia mining

As part of “Comunica” – the Building Extractive Sector Governance in Colombia Project funded by Global Affairs Canada – team leaders quickly recognized that sustainability in local economic development was vital for residents in poor, vulnerable communities to benefit from the extractive sector.

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Six-year project transforms Colombia mining

Since 2015, Comunica has worked with policymakers and local communities to apply new technology and approaches to age-old problems – improving the lives of Colombians, with a focus on the poor, vulnerable and women. On May 31, 2021, the project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, officially came to a close.

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“The future of International NGOs is an important conversation in Australia and globally. They have played critical roles in raising public awareness to humanitarian challenges in corners of the world that might otherwise be invisible.”      – Dr. Bernadette Whitelum

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New season of Good Will Hunters podcast now live, in partnership with Alinea Whitelum

The Good Will Hunters podcast convenes global thinkers for their insights and ideas on what it will take to create the NGO of the future.

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