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World Food Day: Recognizing our Food Heroes

Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, food safety in Vietnam was a significant public health concern for both government and consumers, particularly for the poor who make up around 17 per cent of the population. The pandemic exacerbated this issue in Vietnam and...

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New Alinea project to strengthen Ukraine security

The 10th rotation of Operation UNIFIER on October 5, 2020 marked the launch of Alinea’s new project: Promoting Reform Objectives through Technical Expertise and Capacity Transfer, PROTECT. Larisa Galadza, Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, presided over this event, which...

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Getting women to the decision-making table in Ukraine

Women in Ukraine face a narrow pathway to leadership positions and getting a seat at the decision-making table is a challenge. With this challenge for the current generation comes a challenge for the next generation.   “Having few women entrepreneurs, having not...

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Gender Equality Week: Alinea empowers women in Ghana

In rural northern Ghana, women ask their husbands for consent to work in jobs where they earn money. They also require approval from their husbands to travel outside of their homes and spend time in other communities. Alinea’s newest project to empower women is...

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