Collection of commercial proposals for the creation of videos

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Within the framework of the project “Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance” (SURGe), implemented by Alinea International and funded by the Government of Canada, it is planned to create several videos about the results of the project in Ukraine.

With this announcement, we invite you to take part in the selection of commercial proposals of legal entities for the creation of videos.

Expected service date: June 2021.

Video creation services include comprehensive work on 4 videos in the format of a video production, including the work of a designer and professional voice acting.

Legal entities are invited to participate in the selection.

List of documents for submission of the proposal:

  • Information about the supplier and samples of previous works / portfolio;
  • Provide a proposal for the concept (general idea and examples with text) to create a video about the service “yeMalyatko” – details are in the Terms of Reference.
  • Commercial offer – information about the cost of creating a video (the cost of 30 seconds of video production);
  • Copies of registration documents (extract from the USR on state registration, taxpayer’s certificate, other documents if available).


Commercial proposals are accepted by e-mail by 10AM June 7, 2021. The subject of the e-mail should state: “Commercial proposal for video creation”.


Terms of reference on the preparation of information videos on the topic of administrative services reengineering for citizens



Prepare 4 videos for proper communication to citizens and civil servants of the results of administrative services reengineering. The purpose of the videos is to explain the essence of each topic of the video, highlight the contribution of SURGe, Canada’s support and the importance of further application of reengineering approach in services improvement for the citizens.


Target audience:

  • citizens;
  • future parents and parents of babies;
  • civil servants in various ministries;
  • teenagers and their parents.


Necessary products and activities for the videos implementation:

1. Development of a concept and idea for each video;
2. Writing scripts and creating 4 videos for distribution in social media on the following topics

  • How Services Re-engineering Helps People

The main purpose of this video is to present the benefits of reengineering services for citizens. It is necessary to show what obstacles people faced when applying for administrative services before reengineering takes place and to reveal the benefits of new improved services.

  • yeMalyatko – 9 in 1 services for parents

The main purpose of the video is to give information about the service to future parents. Explain that with the help of one application submitted online or in a maternity hospital, parents can register the birth of a child and receive up to 9 government services from different authorities at the same time.

  • Unified approach for Ministries on services re-engineering

The main goal is to highlight the best reengineering practices and recommend to civil servants in different ministries to use the Reengineering Methodology developed by SURGe experts. Explain that the provision of public services can be greatly simplified for both citizens and civil servants, using an appropriate approach to reengineering.

  • ID-14 – easy service for teenagers

The main purpose of the video is to present the updated ID-14 service to teenagers and their parents. Demonstrate that through reengineering, teenagers can obtain an ID passport and a taxpayer number per one visit to the ASC or Migration Service.

3. Support in the distribution of the developed videos in social media.


Requirements for the agency:

  • Experience in developing and implementing successful information campaigns on social topics;
  • Experience in creating video content (shooting videos with people / actors);
  • Availability of verified contractors for project implementation (selection of actors, technical equipment, locations, installation, etc.);
  • Market reputation;
  • Opportunity to help with the dissemination of developed information materials.


Preference will be given to those agencies that have experience of successful cooperation with international projects and governmental organizations.


Terms of payment: post payment will be done separately for 4 each developed and agreed video.

Implementation period: June 2021.

Partners: Ministry of Digital Transformation.

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Thank you for your interest in Alinea International. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted; no telephone enquires please.