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Senior Corporate Accountant and Project Controller

Maxim is a Project Controller with Alinea and brings extensive corporate accounting experience in audit, assurance, Canadian taxation, internal controls, and financial reporting. Maxim has bachelor-level qualifications in accounting and is a Chartered Professional Accountant. Maxim provides oversight and coordination of financial aspects of projects, including procurement, budgeting and forecasting, reconciliations of multi-currency field accounts and facilitates financial audits. He has built his skillset in recent years holding various position in both industry and public accounting roles.

BEDARD, Dr. Brian
Director, Food Safety & Animal Health

A veterinary epidemiologist and food safety specialist, Brian has technical and management experience in China, SE Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean re gion. Brian works as Project Director with Alinea and his background includes projects in the areas of sustainable agriculture, food safety, SPS compliance, livestock health and production, research, outreach, education, community-driven development, training and agri-food value chains through public-private partnerships. At the World Bank, he managed the Global Food Safety Partnership, Global Program for Human and Avian Influenza, as well as One Health Initiatives.

Project Controller

With Alinea International for 20 years, Sandy is a Project Controller with extensive experience applying contractual terms and conditions, auditing and reconciliation. A Certificate of Accounting and Legal Assistant Diploma complements her work as a Project Controller when interpreting a variety of contribution agreements and service contracts with many funding agencies in Canada and throughout the world. Sandy has participated in the development and delivery of training and policy manuals, guidelines and capacity development programs on financial and administrative management in Canada and developing countries. Sandy provides in-depth understanding of contract interpretation having managed budgets for more than 17 internationally-funded projects implemented by Alinea.  

Receptionist and Administrator

With Alinea for more than a 10 year, Linda is the Receptionist and Office Administrator in Alinea’s Gatineau office. She is responsible for managing building logistics and has experience planning and supervising major renovation projects. Linda manages multiple responsibilities including the coordination of visa, product research, data collection and financial audits. As Office Administrator, she coordinates and schedules meetings with government officials.

Director, Governance

With graduate level qualifications in public administration and international human rights law, Marisa has more than 30 years of experience supporting private sector development and democratic governance internationally. Marisa’s work includes directing projects for programs in Ukraine, supporting expert deployment to governance and security sector reform. Previously, Marisa held positions with the United Nations, including Joint Programme Manager for the UN’s flagship Rule of Law program and with the UN regional political office in the Gaza Strip working with international donors throughout Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Marisa’s background also includes brokering international business ventures in support of Middle East peace following the Oslo Accords.

Senior Corporate Accountant and Senior HR Advisor

With Alinea International for more than 10 years, Tünde manages employment contracts, personnel policies, payroll and employee health benefit programs internationally. As a Finance Officer, she worked on the Weish Border Feasibility Study in Afghanistan and DFAT Education for Democracy Project in Mongolia. Tünde holds an NVQ in Business Administration from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the U.K. and has completed the Canadian Securities Course. She has an affinity for Latin origin languages and an Advanced Spanish Certificate from the Intercultura Sámara Language School in Costa Rica. Tünde is fluent in Hungarian, Romanian and has a working knowledge of Italian. 

D’ARCY, Robin
Director, Inclusive Growth & Innovative Finance

An agricultural economist and rural development specialist, Robin has more than 20 years of experience designing, managing and monitoring international development projects. He has extensive experience working in conflict and post-conflict environments and has implemented agricultural and rural development projects across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Currently, Robin is the external monitor for three GAC programs covering cooperatives in Vietnam, women’s economic empowerment in Jordan and health innovation globally. He works closely with the business development team in project design and proposal preparation across a range of sectors, including agriculture and livelihoods, social protection, governance and climate change.

Director, Governance & Capacity Development

With a background in public policy and community development, Paul has more than 30 years of experience in international development with a focus on governance. . Paul’s expertise spans management, M&E and capacity development, as well as education where he has significant experience. Paul work spans several projects including the Opportunities for Women in Agribusiness Project in Egypt; a Project Monitor for a vocational skills project in Iraq; M&E advisor on the Support to Education in the Mining Sector Project in Ethiopia and Project Director on the Canada-Ukraine Police Development Project. Paul has also managed education sector reform projects in Egypt and Jordan.

DROST, Nancy
Manager, Women’s Economic Empowerment

Nancy has more than 30 years of experience in international development spanning 17 African countries. With Alinea International for more than 15 years as a short-term consultant, she worked in Ghana, Nigeria, and Ethiopia before taking a full-time management position with Alinea in Tamale, Ghana with the WEE-NORTH Project: Empowering Women in Industrial Trades in Northern Ghana. With a background in adult education, sociology and equity studies, Nancy specializes in project cycle management, knowledge management, capacity development, gender equality promotion and nutrition education. As a trainer, facilitator and researcher, she has extensive experience working with teams, community organizations and professional groups to empower the poor and marginalized.

DUFF, Charles
Vice President and Managing Director

With more than 30 years of experience implementing international development services for private and public sector clients worldwide, Charles is Vice President of Alinea International (Canada) and Managing Director of Alinea International (UK and Australia). Previously, he led the global international development business of Palladium International Development and the European operating companies of Coffey International Development and Enterplan. An agricultural economist and rural livelihoods specialist, his  background also includes managing businesses operating in the fields of geotechnical engineering, environment, commercial advisory and construction project management. Charles supports British Expertise as a member of the Advisory Board and is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Consulting and the Royal Geographic Society.

DUFF, Jayne
Compliance Officer

As Alinea’s Compliance Officer, Jayne is responsible for policy oversight, compliance and training. She brings unique legal experience to Alinea having specialized in crime and family matters in her previous role. After being called to the Bar of England and Wales, Jayne worked as a Magistrates’ Court Legal Advisor before working as a Registrar where she managed multiple responsibilities in addition to working to support Wiltshire Council.

Project Coordinator

With Alinea International for than 10 years, Vesna has extensive international experience, including interpreting for government officials at NATO and the UN. As Project Coordinator, her role encompasses budgeting, liaising with project stakeholders and coordinating a number of study tours. Vesna’s background includes work on Agriculture Marketing and Information Projects in Cambodia and Vietnam; Safe Food for Growth Project in Vietnam; National Languages Equality Advancement Project in Sri Lanka;  and multiple projects in Ukraine including Juvenile Justice Reform, Expert Deployment for Governance and Economic Growth, Canada-Ukraine Police Development, and Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance. Previously, she worked as a Project Manager, Executive Assistant, Accountant, Journalist and Interpreter. Vesna is bilingual in English and Serbian, and speaks conversational French. 

Director, Capacity Development & Livelihoods

With more than 40 years of experience in international development, Brian brings expertise in climate smart planning to specializations in rural development, capacity development, local governance, management, and financial analysis and economic evaluation. Brian’s work includes the for Climate Smart-PSNP: Technical Assistance to Support Global Climate Change Alliance Plus/Mainstreaming of Climate Smart Planning and Implementation Approaches into the Productive Safety Net Program IV in Ethiopia. Brian’s background includes working as field director for rural and community development projects, which involved program development, implementation, capacity development, governance, and M&E. Brian has designed and managed programmes for GAC, DFAT, the European Commission, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank and World Bank.

FAYE, Lisa
Manager, Social Inclusion

Working in international development for more than 10 years, Lisa has extensive experience in women’s rights, gender equality, youth empowerment and increasing citizen voice at all levels. Lisa’s work includes Strategic Planning and Social Inclusion Lead for the Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance Program, funded by Global Affairs Canada. Lisa’s background includes living and working in Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana, Myanmar, Tanzania and Ukraine, as well as leading programming focused on Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Zimbabwe. Working towards social justice and a more equitable world are the driving forces in both Lisa’s personal and professional endeavours.

FEYISSA, Yohannes
Project Controller

Yohannes is a Chartered Professional Accountant with Alinea International. He is the Canada-based Project Controller on several international development projects in Africa, funded by various donors including Global Affairs Canada, the World Bank and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Yohannes possesses a wide range of accounting skills including budgeting and cash projection, reconciliation, audit and full-cycle accounting. In his role as Project Controller, Yohannes has the responsibility of oversight and coordination of all financial aspects of the projects, including procurement, budgeting and forecasting, reconciliations of multi-currency field accounts and facilitating financial audits. 

FLOYD, Ellyn
Director, Gender and Education

Working in international development for more than 20 years, Ellyn has extensive technical experience in education, training and gender equality. She applies her expertise to project work on improving educational outcomes for children and youth, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. She gained field experience living and working in West Africa, East Africa, Indonesia, Jordan and her work includes the Empowering Women in Non-Traditional Trades for the Northern Economy Project in Ghana. Combined with a broad range of project management and technical skills, Ellyn has graduate level qualifications in international development and gender and education studies.  

President & CEO

Alinea International’s President and CEO, Bob founded the company – previously Agriteam Canada – in 1986. He built the company on a foundation of agriculture consulting, which diversified over more than 35 years to provide services across a wide range of sectors and countries around the world. With graduate level qualifications in agriculture and animal science, Bob specializes in food and agriculture systems. In addition to running the day-to-day operation of Alinea, he owns and operates a cattle ranch in Priddis, Alberta, Canada.

Communications Specialist

An experienced broadcast and digital journalist, Jenna effectively manages a deadline-conscious environment balanced with a precise level of attention to detail. In news media, she anchored flagship broadcasts, reported live on multiptle elections from party headquarters, and covered stories with deep impact on a variety of issues and sectors for broadcast television, web, and radio. As Alinea’s Communications Specialist, Jenna supports strategic and corporate communications, and leads communications activities on multiple projects in Ukraine and for the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. Jenna is fluent in English and French.

GARBA ABDOU, Mahamadou
Manager, Education & Internally Displaced People

With more than 10 years of experience in international development, Mahamadou specializes in project management, M&E, environment and sustainable development. Mahamadou’s experience includes planning, implementing and ensuring the daily management of girls’ education projects in Burkina Faso and Mali, which focus on the education needs of internally displaced people. Responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation for these projects, Mahamadou develops M&E strategies and action plans. Mahamadou also identifies and develops new projects in refugee education, women’s empowerment and institutional capacity building. His background includes working in several countries across West and Central Africa.

HILL, Catherine
Manager, Gender & Climate Change

For more than 20 years, Catherine has applied her gender equality experience on climate change, adaptation planning, agrobiodiversity, food security, livestock, and HIV and AIDS to strengthen the agriculture sector. Her background includes supporting policy, programming, research, and capacity initiatives with governments, the UN, the CGIAR and civil society across all regions. As a policy researcher, she supported UN commissions on science and technology (UNCSTD) and plant genetic resources (CGRFA), as well as the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Rural Women. Catherine is a Founding Member of WOCAN: Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management.

Director, Health & Gender Equality

For more than 20 years, Morag has designed, implemented and managed projects focusing on gender equality and women’s empowerment. She has extensive experience in gender mainstreaming and gender transformative approaches; capacity development and the creation of training programs; policy development and advocacy; program and project evaluation; and supporting donor coordination mechanisms. Morag has delivered training in gender-based analysis and results-based management to government and civil society partners in both donor and developing countries. Her background also includes work in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and rights; maternal, neonatal and child health; HIV/AIDS; and health systems strengthening.

Project Controller and Corporate Accounting Office

As a Project Controller and Corporate Accounting Officer at Alinea International, Amina is responsible for invoicing, multi-currency local account reconciliations, financial reporting and variance analysis. Her expertise spans a variety of skills and competencies including data entry, bookkeeping, budgeting and forecasting. Fluent in English and French, Amina  has graduate-level qualifications in business management and a bachelor-level qualifications in marketing from the University of Nanterre in France. 

Director, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

A development economist, monitor and evaluator, Guy has more than 20 years of experience overseeing and supporting successful, complex, multi-million dollar projects across six continents. He specializes in designing, developing and implementing utility- and equity-focused, mixed methods summative and formative evaluations, and building robust and practical internal MEL systems. With multi-sectoral experience, Guy has recently been engaged in monitoring the UK Good Governance Fund; GAC’s Comunica Project: and GAC’s Capacity Development Support Facility. He is a long-standing member of the Canadian Evaluation Society and the Outcome Mapping Learning Community.

INNES, Sacha
Director, Education & Capacity Development

An inclusive education educator by background, Sacha has more than 20 years of experience delivering international development services to public sector clients. Sacha’s background is primarily focused in Asia and Africa, which includes providing technical assistance to other education initiatives to an institutional strengthening project in Ethiopia. With significant experience leading complex projects and implementation strategies, Sacha develops and delivers a variety of capacity development programs on inclusive education, leadership, coaching, student-centred education and school supervision. Her background includes designing and managing multiple projects for GAC and smaller consultancies for the World Bank, as well as working in the Philippines, South Africa, Mongolia, China, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Director, Americas

With experience coordinating capacity building and educational programs in more than 15 countries, Shantel specializes in capacity development programming in the energy sector. Formally trained in GBA+ and e-Learning methods, Shantel’s experience includes working as Project Director of the Building Extractive Sector Governance in Colombia Project. Previously, Shantel held positions as Senior Policy Analyst at the Government of Alberta and led the Extractive Resource Governance Program at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy. She is currently researching governance-related determinants of foreign direct investment and how civil society interacts with public institutions. Shantel is also Academic Chair of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada.

Manager, Emerging Economies

With more than 20 years in the field, Suzie has extensive experience leading projects in education, emerging economies, agribusiness, and natural resources management and conservation. Most recently, she has been engaged in the Strengthening Education for Mining in Ethiopia Project to improve the qualifications of Ethiopia’s workforce, with a focus on women. Her background includes work in the field of emerging economies where she managed USAID agribusiness, investment and trade projects in North Africa and the Caribbean, and evolved across fragile, low resource and post-conflict geographies. Suzie started her career in the ocean sector of Africa and Indian Ocean with CIDA and UNDP.

LEON, Andrea
Project Coordinator

With more than 10 years of experience as a Project Coordinator, Andrea provides deep administrative and technical support to projects in Canada and Colombia. Her knowledge and skills in administration and personnel management stem from experience working with non-governmental organizations, the private sector and Government of Canada. With a technical background in informatics and applications, Andrea’s efficient coordination of administrative and e-filing systems complement her additional role with Alinea in IT support. Her background includes work on projects in Colombia, Mali, Mongolia and Sierra Leone. 

Director, West Africa

With a background in public administration, organizational development and management coaching, Suzane has extensive experience managing projects in West Africa. She leads Alinea’s program development for the region and is Project Director for Projet d’appui aux réformes institutionnelles et techniques pour l’équité and Défi éducation des filles au Mali. Suzane started her career in West Africa as capacity building and OD advisor, and later joined the Canadian public service where she worked for more than a decade managing policy development and executive services. Her background also includes senior positions with Doctors of the World, SUCO and Concern Worldwide in Haiti, and WUSC in Canada.

Project Coordinator

In her role as Project Coordinator, Susan specializes in monitoring and evaluation projects in both an administrative and financial capacity, with experience working on more than 20 M&E projects. She has extensive experience collaborating with NGOs, universities and the private sector, as well as international donors including Global Affairs Canada, the World Bank, and Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (UK). Susan’s background includes overseeing administrative and financial training for field office teams in Ethiopia, Tanzania and South Sudan. She is also accountable for delivering training related to administrative and financial policies and processes to project teams in line with Alinea’s best practices and client standards. 

Front Desk Reception

Jill joined Alinea as Front Desk Reception, Property Management Coordinator and Project Coordinator. Jill has a wide-range of bookkeeping experience in addition to proven skills in administrative support and full-cycle accounting. Jill graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with a keen interest in health and wellness.  

MENARD, Joanne
Office Manager, Gatineau

With Alinea International for more than 20 years, Joanne is a professional administrator and manages the Gatineau office. She has more than 35 years of experience in international development working with the Government of Canada, NGOs and private sector, including as Coordinator on multiple Alinea projects. Joanne brings this experience to her knowledge in office management, project administration, policies, procedures, recruitment and contracting. She contributes to the development, training and implementation of Alinea processes, guidelines and procedures, as well as provides ongoing support and guidance to colleagues around the world.

Director, Police Reform

Tom has more than 20 years of experience in the international development sector. Tom’s project work includes the Canada-Ukraine Police Development Project, where he has provided strategic oversight and overall coordination in advancing a sustainable professional development system for police in Ukraine. His experience in Ukraine also includes supporting public administration reform, improving municipal service delivery, advancing innovations in citizen engagement and enabling local economic development. Previously, Tom held positions with the Canadian Bureau for International Education, World Bank and Federation of Canadian Municipalities. His background also includes long-term assignments in Jordan and Albania.

OBAD, Ruža
Chief Financial Officer

Alinea International’s Chief Financial Officer, Ruza is a finance professional with progressively senior experience in accounting, complex analytics, budgeting and forecasting and treasury. A Chartered Professional Accountant, she specializes in treasury, including cash management, banking operations, syndicate management, hedging and risk mitigation. Ruza’s skill set spans financial reporting, system implementation, operating and capital budgeting and forecasting. Previously, she held senior treasury positions with UFA Co-operative Ltd. and Canexus. Her background also includes working as Associate Director of Compensation and Sales Analysis with Bell Canada.

Project Coordinator

With Alinea for more than 30 years, Mary is a Project Coordinator with extensive experience providing support to programming funded by Global Affairs Canada, the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. She has a thorough understanding of results-based management in project reporting and administration. Her background includes coordinating a multitude of high-level study missions to Canada. Mary supports the implementation of a variety of diverse projects, delivering training and support to teams in Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Uruguay, Ethiopia and Ukraine.

PRIEBE, Shelley
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and Office Manager, Calgary

With Alinea International for more than three decades, Shelley is Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and manages the Calgary office. She has coordinated the administration of more than 15 donor-funded projects worldwide. Shelley develops orientation materials and administrative policies, guidelines and manuals for each project undertaken by Alinea, and develops and delivers training to Canadian and international staff, partners and consultants to ensure adherence to Government of Canada policies and procedures. As a member of the corporate Management Committee, Shelley contributes to the development and oversight of human resource policies, and develops individual training plans for administrative staff.

Director, Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Monitoring & Evaluation

An agricultural economist with extensive experience in food security and safety, Debra has managed more than 40 projects worldwide. She has experience in results based management, logical framework analyses, performance measurement frameworks, performance indicators, baseline surveys and monitoring. Debra employs a wide range of participatory and appreciative methodologies in fieldwork, project design, planning, implementation and monitoring. She engages the private sector and consortiums of foreign and domestic industry partners in projects, and facilitates effective partnerships between public and private organizations for responsive agriculture research and training. Debra also has extensive experience in One Health, rural development and the extractive sector, as well as supporting expertise in capacity building, gender equality and ethnic minorities.

Proposal Coordinator

As part of the Business Development team, Véronique provides bid coordination, quality control and oversight to ensure proposals are compliant with donor requirements. She tracks business development opportunities and Alinea’s development into new markets and with other donors, specifically the European Union; Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (UK); World Bank; and Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (Australia). Previously, Véronique worked with various organizations, including think tanks and not-for-profits, supporting international development projects; advocating for good governance, transparency, and accountability in local government; and researching responsible health and social policies.

REYES, Janet
Project Controller

Janet is a professional finance and administrative coordinator with Alinea providing finance and administrative support with a variety of organizations in Canada. Her acquired knowledge and skills in administration, project accounting and personnel management stem from experience working with NGOs, the private sector and Global Affairs Canada. Janet’s background includes multi-dimensional financial reporting, contracts, and compliance, as well as management of more than seven projects from inception to completion. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish, which is a significant asset on projects in countries ranging from Burkina Faso and Mali to Colombia and Peru. Janet delivers training related to administrative and financial policies and processes to project teams (administrative/finance staff, project management, technical experts) in line with Alinea’s best practices and client standards. 

Director, Refugee Education

For 10 years, Claudie has supported international development program planning and management, including for more than four Global Affairs Canada-funded projects worldwide as well as DFID and FCDO projects. Claudie’s background includes working as Project Director for the Enhancing Education for Tibetan Youth Project, which works to improve education quality for Tibetan students in India. With graduate-level qualifications in humanitarian aid, Claudie has extensive experience administrating large multi-year projects across multiple sectors, including education, governance, institutional capacity building and cyber security. Her experience spans initiatives in India, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Haiti and the UK.

Project Controller

As a Project Controller, Dawn works closely with teams to develop detailed activity-based budgets, facilitating on-going training of policy manuals and support to projects in Canada and developing countries. With more than 30 years of finance experience, she provides a wide range of industry knowledge having worked in international development, agriculture, financial institutions, as well as oil and gas. Dawn brings a vast variety of skills and expertise to diverse, intricate projects applying a proactive approach to problem identification and resolution. Her background includes serving on multiple safety committees, including helping prepare and successfully implement an Emergency Response Plan as Vice-Chairman.

International Development Recruiter

Tim is Alinea’s International Development Recruiter. He joined Alinea as an Administrator for the Business Development team and quickly moved into his current role, where his skills in capacity development and networking complement both the growth of the recruitment department and caliber of talent on Alinea’s projects. Within his first year at Alinea, Tim implemented a new global consultant database and tailored training for field recruiters for the PROTECT and SURGe projects in Ukraine. Tim is also a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals.   

Project Coordinator

Itmalzin brings more than 10 years of experience to her work having coordinated projects in various developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa, including Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Tanzania, Honduras, Peru, Morocco, Vietnam, Philippines and Pakistan. She is responsible for project and program support including logistical and travel coordination; ensuring compliance with client requirements, accounts, contracting and reporting; policy development and implementation; and information management, editing, and report and document design. Itmalzin has extensive experience in coordination and assistance for the full life cycle of projects, including the inception phases where she has coordinated travel for inception missions; participated in the development of draft workplans for technical assistance, research, capacity building and networking support activities; and coordinated meetings between the mission teams and a wide range of stakeholders.  

Director, Health Systems and Sexual & Reproductive Health

For more than 20 years, Tanya has designed and managed global health programming in collaboration with Canadian partners, local institutions, country governments and UN agencies in Africa, Asia and Central America. Recently, she was Field Manager for a Canadian-funded MNCH project in Mwanza, Tanzania with the University of Calgary. Previously, Tanya was the Health Team Lead with Aga Khan Foundation Canada, leading a substantial portfolio of projects in Asia and East Africa. Her background also includes work with the Canadian Nurses Association and Canadian Public Health Association on local partner capacity development, health policy advocacy, organizational leadership, gender equality and reproductive health programming.

Director, Ukraine

Tawnia’s experience leading public sector and legal reform projects spans more than two decades. In early 2010, Tawnia launched Alinea’s work in Ukraine with the GAC-funded Juvenile Justice Project, which supported Ukraine in establishing a system of probation for youth. Previously, Tawnia headed the Governance Unit at Universities Canada, responsible for governance technical assistance projects and was posted in Latvia and India on rule of law projects. Tawnia’s extensive project experience includes managing the Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance Program , which succeeds the Expert Deployment for Economic Growth Project – funded by Global Affairs Canada supporting the Government of Ukraine to manage their priority reforms.  

Director, Environment, Social Safeguards & Climate

With a background in environmental assessment, sustainability, social safeguards and climate change, Wit has more than 30 years of experience in international project delivery, 30 of which were with a large multinational engineering company. Wit has worked extensively for the UK Disaster Recovery Rapid Response Plan for Overseas Territories Project, which provides technical expertise to six overseas territories post-hurricane in the Caribbean. Recently, he has been engaged in a Mongolia extractive sector project; Ethiopia agriculture project; Ukraine economic development and reform; and World Bank-financed Kabul solid waste management plan. Wit’s background includes preparing environmental management plans and serving as the environment specialist for GAC-funded projects in Ghana, Egypt and Ukraine.

Communications Manager

With more than 10 years of experience covering politics and engaging in the policy arena, Kristy blends her ability to build narrative with understanding of public policy to share stories about meeting the world’s changing challenges with new ideas. As a journalist, she produced news magazine programs, current affairs panel debates, daily newscasts, budget day coverage and election specials. In public affairs, Kristy developed strategies in the areas of communications, government relations and stakeholder engagement for clients across multiple industries, including health and life sciences, energy and environment, infrastructure and the non-profit sector.

TOBY, Kendra
Director, Business Development

With Alinea International for more than 10 years, Kendra is Alinea’s Director of Business Development. She leads the company’s business development portfolio and team in proposal preparation, project design and opportunities across all sectors. With a background in communications, Kendra previously held the position of Senior Communications Specialist with NIVA Inc. where she managed projects, researching, writing and editing for a variety of scientific communication materials. Clients spanned the private sector and government departments and agencies. Her background also includes working as Editor for Canadian Wildlife and Wild Magazines.

Manager, Girls’ Education

With more than 10 years of experience in international development, Ryan has worked with local and regional NGOs in multiple areas, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, capacity development, poverty reduction, sustainable growth and climate change adaptation. As a project Manager, Ryan is responisble for institutional strengthening projects in Mali and Burkina Faso. Previously, Ryan lived and worked in West Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. He also contributes to proposal development, with an emphasis on proposals for francophone regions.

Vice President

With Alinea for more than 30 years, Gayle is Vice President of Alinea International (Canada) and leads education and governance sector programming for Alinea worldwide. In education, Gayle has recently been engaged in technical education projects in Vietnam and Ethiopia, which involve work with universities and colleges; upgrading undergraduate curricula; and strengthening the provision of technical vocational pedagogy. In governance, Gayle’s recent work involves developing and directing a project in Ukraine following the Maidan Revolution. She is the team leader for the succeeding project, which continues to support reforms of national government departments in Kiev. Gayle’s background also includes work on education sector reform in Jordan, juvenile justice reform in Ukraine, women’s empowerment in Indonesia, and basic human needs in Tibet. Gayle has worked in more than 30 countries and lived in Nigeria, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Indonesia.

USME, Tatiana
Business Development & Proposal Administrator

Tatiana supports Alinea’s Business Development team through logistical and administrative work on the creation of Expressions of Interest, Calls for Proposals and Requests for Proposals. She provides research assistance, content development and the creation of tools and templates for proposals. Tatiana contributes to the drafting of key sections, such as CVs and logic models, proofreading and formatting of final documents, as well as ensuring compliance with bidding requirements and monitoring deadlines. She also tracks Alinea’s business development opportunities and diversification into new markets and other donors, specifically the European Union; Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (UK); and World Bank. Previously, Tatiana worked as an Organizational Development Advisor for organic farmers in Colombia and volunteered n Brazil’s education sector.

Finance Manager

With Alinea International for more than 20 years, Sonja is Alinea’s Finance Manager. She has held positions as an accountant, project financial management specialist and leader of Alinea’s team of Project Financial Controllers in Canada. In addition to expertise in budgeting, reconciliation, audit and full-cycle accounting, Sonja has a Graduate Certificate in Organization Design and Development, which allows her to extend her experience to training and facilitation. As a financial capacity development specialist, she has developed and delivered the training of policy manuals, guidelines and capacity development programs on financial and administrative management in Canada and developing countries. With extensive experience applying contractual terms and conditions, auditing and reconciliation, she has in-depth understanding of contract interpretation and has managed more than 20 donor compliance audits. 

VERMA, Veena
Director, Human Rights, Gender & Governance

As a human rights lawyer, Veena’s more than 20 years of experience working on human rights issues span India, Guyana and Nigeria. She specializes in human rights-based approaches, labour, law reform, gender and racial equality. Veena ‘s work includes Project Director of the National Languages Equality Advancement Project in Sri Lanka and Deputy Director of the Promoting Reform Objectives through Technical Expertise and Capacity Transfer Program in Ukraine. Previously, Veena was a partner at a prominent union-side labour law firm and worked as a labour rights consultant for projects in China. She also served as Commission Counsel for a national public inquiry investigating the “extraordinary rendition” of a Canadian citizen to Syria post 9/11.

Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

A seasoned international development professional, Danuta’s experience spans more than 10 years in business development, program management, and policy research and analysis across the Canadian private sector, civil society and federal government landscape. She brings extensive familiarity with Global Affairs Canada and its Feminist International Assistance Policy to her role as Alinea’s Manager of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships. Danuta’s background includes positions as Program Technical Advisor and Program Manager with Canadian Feed The Children, Program Officer with Canadian Hunger Foundation, Policy Analyst – Social and Strategic Policy with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, as well as Policy Analyst – Africa Relations and Political Officer – European Union Relations with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Danuta is fluent in English and Polish, with advanced French and basic Spanish and Mandarin.

YULE, Alix
Director, Education & Local Governance

With more than 30 years of project management experience, Alix specializes in the education and local governance sectors in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Caribbean. Her work includes serving as Project Director for the Technical Assistance to the Teacher Education Support Project in Tanzania; leading project design teams; conducting participatory monitoring and evaluation assignments; and facilitating interactive training and capacity building sessions. Recognized for her interpersonal and problem-solving skills, Alix’s background also includes coaching and mentoring to teams facing project management challenges.