Public policy is most effective when based on evidence of citizen needs, including the most vulnerable members of our communities, according to the The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Since 2019, SURGe, the Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance Program, has worked with the Government of Ukraine to consider new ways of working, building evidence-based policy grounded in the lived experience of the Ukrainian people.  

The Public Investment Governance Reform, within the SURGe Program, aims to ensure that Ukrainians flourish in well-governed territorial communities with a high quality of life. The focus of the reform is around supporting the government to ensure that public investments benefit all citizens, including the most vulnerable. The team works to develop tools, methodologies, legislation and capacity building based on 15 public investment governance capacities recommended by OECD.  

Recently, the team worked to support the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine to build regional policy that reflects the needs of citizens. The team, alongside government partners, undertook a comprehensive stakeholder and beneficiary analysis and needs assessment to analyze ways that public investments can address the needs of citizens across Ukraine. Recently, the Ministry shared information about the final edition of the “Report on Public Investment for Regional Development: Capacities, Gaps and Recommendations” on their official website.  

Deputy Minister of Community and Territories Development, Ivan Lukerya said that the Ministry took the proposed recommendations into consideration. “The results of the study are thorough, and it is a collection of practical recommendations that will help improve public investment in regions and communities at all levels,“ Lukerya explained. He added that a number of amendments to the current legislation on regional policy are under preparation as a result. 

I am convinced that thanks to the successful cooperation with the ‘Support to Government Reforms in Ukraine’ Project and the support of the Government of Canada, the number of initiatives to improve the efficiency of investment resources will grow.”

SURGe is proud to have worked with the Ministry of Community and Territories Development, the first Ministry that institutionalized the citizen-oriented policy results (COPR) approach as their preferred planning methodology. This is just one example of the work that SURGe does with Ukrainian Ministries toward adopting the COPR planning approach. 

COPR results are built through a review of international experience, an in-depth stakeholder and beneficiary analysis, a review of Ukrainian national legislation and a gap analysis. All of this leads to policies and plans that create results for citizens. The policy plans built through COPR are evidence-based, equitable and forward-thinking solutions for the people of Ukraine.