The Ukrainian “Victory Gardens”, aim to effectively use all available land for food production to prevent food crisis in Ukraine during the war. The campaign to encourage the growth of these gardens was launched by the SURGe project in cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

“Victory Gardens” are vegetable, fruit and herb gardens planted in private homes and public parks. Such gardens were planted in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and Germany during the First and the Second World Wars – they helped countries survive in the most difficult times.

The war, being waged by Russia on Ukraine, has led to a large-scale food crisis. Due to hostilities in 2022, Ukraine may lose a lot of its annual harvest. At least 30% of agricultural land will not be sown in 2022. In addition, the occupying forces are deliberately destroying agricultural machinery and large warehouses in Ukraine, depriving agricultural enterprises the opportunity to operate. This means that a third of Ukrainians will have trouble getting enough food – and this threat requires a swift and effective response.

The campaign is encouraging Ukrainians to grow vegetables for their families, as well as to support those in the temporarily occupied territories, internally displaced persons and everyone on the front lines.

SURGe is also helping the Ministry of Regional Development to develop legislation that will facilitate the implementation of Victory Gardens on the ground and recommendations for local communities. These include assessing the community’s food needs , accounting for vacant and available land, collecting the needs of households and internally displaced persons and assisting with growing food, and setting up relevant coordination councils to implement the initiative.

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