In rural northern Ghana, women ask their husbands for consent to work in jobs where they earn money. They also require approval from their husbands to travel outside of their homes and spend time in other communities.

Alinea’s newest project to empower women is underway in this region. Funded by Global Affairs Canada, WEE-NORTH supports young women to train in non-traditional trades. The goal is to help them join the workforce as welders, agricultural mechanics, small engine repair technicians and electricians.

This project challenges prevailing gender norms and attitudes in Ghana about what is “suitable” work for women. To meet this challenge, Alinea and project partners use approaches that engage men in creating change in gender relations in their communities. You can learn more here.

More than 90 per cent of projects implemented by Alinea provide opportunities for women’s empowerment. Alinea joins the world in marking Gender Equality Week and thanks all those who contribute to this important work.