(featured image: MoU President, Dr. Patricia USAT Campus Olazábal; Jaime Márquez Calvo. National Director)

ProGobernabilidad is closing after seven years of work with Office of the Prime Minister’s Council (PCM) and four Regional Governments in Northern Peru. As a part of its sustainability strategy, ProGobernabilidad has signed MoUs with seven leading universities in Public Administration in Peru. The universities are committed to seeing that all of the work that ProGobernabilidad has done in state modernization is not lost to future public administration officials and administrators across the country.  With the National School for Public Administration (SERVIR) taking the lead, the seven universities are committed to including all of the public administration tools developed by the project into public administration studies at the Masters level. These include training materials for newly elected Regional Councils, a methodological guide for Regional Governments on Public Private Investments, and other guides on topics including: Strengthening Internal Communications in the Public Sector; Regional Environmental Action Plans; Prospective Planning; Best Practices in Public Administration; Reconstruction from a Woman’s Perspective; Gender-based Budgeting; and more.

These and other ProGobernabilidad publications can be found online at: http://www.progobernabilidad.org.pe/tipo/documentos/