Women experience domestic violence at very high rates, particularly intimate partner violence, in the Solomon Islands. According to a World Health Organization report, gender-based violence has been largely normalized here.

The Whitelum Group represents and manages Alinea’s international development consultancy operations in Australia, and recently led the re-design of two programs focused on ending violence against women and children in the Soloman Islands.

The Safe Families and Channels of Hope programs, implemented by Oxfam, work to address social norms that maintain gender-based violence. The goal is long-term, sustainable change.  

These programs work at the community level and support activities to improve attitudes and awareness. In leading the re-design process, Whitelum Group worked closely with Oxfam, World Vision and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia) to evaluate the first phase, build on the programs’ strengths and refine the designs to maximize their effectiveness. This process included consulting with communities, civil society groups, the Australian and Solomon Islands governments, women’s groups and church groups. You can learn more here.