Image: “Best Gender Sub-Council 2018” award handed to Mr. Nandinjargal, State secretary, by Mr. Chinzorig, Deputy Head of NCGE, Minister of Labour and Social Protection.

The Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry (MoMHI) in Mongolia has been awarded “Best gender council of 2018” by the Mongolian Prime Minister. The award follows considerable gender work done by MoMHI in 2018, including the completion of a comprehensive Gender Impact Assessment of the extractive sector, the results of which were used to develop Mongolia’s first Gender Policy for the Extractive Sector.

Alinea’s SESMIM project was instrumental in the efforts made by MoMHI. The work was led by SESMIM Gender Specialists Solongo Sharkhuu and Lenore Rogers. SESMIM also facilitated industry connections and garnered further support from Siri Genik of Women in Mining (WIM) Canada, Technical consultant Indira Singh, and Maryna Korchagina, Executive Director, Gender Equality and Advancement for Status of Women Alberta.

In recognition of the award and the success of MoMHI in advancing gender in the Mongolian mining sector, representatives from SESMIM and MoMHI have been invited to participate as panelists at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s (PDACs) mining conference. The conference, held annually in March in Toronto, Canada, is the largest mining convention in the world, drawing more than 30,000 participants annually. Alinea is thrilled that a brilliant young Mongolian woman in a position of authority at the MoMHI will be presenting to the world on their new gender policy.

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