impact investment & infrastructure

In signing up to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015, United Nations member states recognized the amount of money required to meet their commitment was 10 times the total amount of donor funds available. The only way to bridge the gap is to harness the power of private capital, creating opportunities for meaningful impact investment that deliver strong financial returns.

Alinea Capital originates investment opportunities that deliver against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We use structured finance approaches that de-risk and enhance returns to attract private capital into under-invested sectors and geographies.  

We create bankable projects with impact frameworks that enable the measurement of sustainable returns. Our highly specialized team works every day with our global network of specialist partners to create long term transformative change. We deliver more equitable access to essential goods and services, using sustainable business models that create strong financial returns.

Alinea Capital is currently raising capital for impact investment projects in healthcare, renewable energy, affordable housing and education.

BANGLADESH: Bankable Feasibility Study and Capital Raise for International Hospital in Bangladesh. (Prime Bank Foundation with funding from FMO, the Dutch Development Bank)

Many families in Bangladesh face unreliable healthcare. Neither public nor private providers meet the demand for affordable, quality health services. As a result, those that can afford it turn to outbound medical tourism, while those that cannot have no choice but to depend on unreliable local services. These conditions create a need for facilities that provide both care and training that meet international standards. In response, the Prime Bank Foundation with funding from the FMO, the Dutch Development Bank, engaged Alinea Capital to deliver a Bankable Feasibility Study for a teaching hospital in Dhaka. Alinea is assessing the commercial and social impact viability of the proposed USD 150M international standard teaching hospital, designed to address the demand for domestic healthcare services combined with training for health professionals. For this project, Alinea convened a consortium of healthcare, development and project financing expertise including the International Hospitals Group, Cox Architecture, Philips Healthcare and BlueMount Capital.